What to wear to a kitchen interview?

When it comes to choosing their professional costumes, most chefs are inclined towards traditional equipment. Traditional chef clothes included checkered pants, a twin jacket, a coat and a hat. The glamorization of the profession however resulted in tremendous changes to the dress code of the chefs. There is no end to the transitional phase. Mode designers continue to work with what to wear to a kitchen interview to make it trendier and more stylish.

The days of outdated fashion and fitting kitchen apparel have gone by with little or no choice. The presentation and appearance of the chef became more important for chefs who cook in the modern commercial kitchen environments, with a new trend towards open style kitchens. The humble chef now displayed a costume like actors on a stage. Not too long ago, chefs had been hidden behind and rarely seen.

professional look

This shift in thought saw chefs become famous TV. Now the chef was proud to have been chefs and wanted to look like chefs. The humble chef’s uniform was now an important visual tool to promote in the overall design of the restaurant. In modern commercial kitchen design, colours, cleanliness and a modern professional look have become important but also necessary.

Apparel Chef: Essentials

Designers aim to change the chef ‘s clothing without deviating from the main purpose of the towel. Every part of the chefs’ uniform has a value for money. For example, the white, double-breasted jacket is not worn just for a nice look. It is made of thick cotton, protecting the chef from enormous heat in the kitchen. Although simple, the buttons are designed so that they do not burn when exposed to heat.

The chef’s coat is the most popular part of the whole outfit which is obligatory even in the absence of the other accessories. This gives the chef a professional look and gives the apparel a touch of comfort. Usually referred to as executive coat, 10 or 12 cloth buttons are available. The coat contains a thermometer pocket that is very important for this profession. One needs to go through chef interview cooking test.

The pants of the chef also have special importance in the apparel of the chef. Previously, the pants were checked to avoid conspicuous dirt and stains. Chefs now prefer baggy pants or cargo pants in the kitchen. These pants generally are loose, allowing more space for breathing, so that the wearer can move freely. Checks are still ‘in’ and stripes are too classic.

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