What to wear for a coffee date?

A coffee date is the best way to move things with a woman to the next stage. The next step when you have a woman’s telephone number is simply to call her and invite her to share a coffee with you. Meeting a woman better in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, such as a café. You should know what to wear for a coffee date.

The chances that a woman will accept your coffee invitation are much higher than that of accepting an invitation to a more formal date like dinner or movies. Because it is short and there are no underlying expectations of her being intimate and exposed to a situation that may make her feel uncomfortable in a public place.

Most men severely underestimate the importance of these courtesy dynamics when they first ask a woman to leave. After you take them out for a coffee, women will be more receptive to the idea of a real day with you. This keeps the courtship at a convenient pace for her. Naturally, women are more likely to take things slower than men in the initial courtship phases.

dress for a coffee date

It takes about 8 hours for the average woman to comfortably become intimate with a new man. The secret is how you spend 8 hours. These 8 hours should best be divided into two dates. The best formula is a 40-minute coffee date, followed by a second, seven-hour coffee. The first time you meet her, you don’t want to spend more than 40 minutes with her. The average ideas of the first day such as dinner and movies fail consistently because they break this rule for 40 minutes.

If on the coffee day you can build a great connection with her if you dress for a coffee date, she will definitely see you again. However, the intensity and quality of this connection will be somewhat at around 40 minutes and women can easily get bored.


When you create a good connection by talking about interesting things and flirting, women tend to be intimate with you, of course. But they won’t let them get intimate with you because they haven’t been with you for almost eight hours at all. This will work against you, because though you are well connected and attracted, she will not act, and this leaves her feeling frustrated and bored.

If you split the 8 hours with a 40 minute coffee date, take your chance first to succeed with its quadruple. Whether she is your next boy or the girl of your dreams doesn’t make a difference, the best way to get along with her is to meet her for coffee first.

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