How to wear vintage cafe leather jackets?

When you choose the right jacket, leather quality comes into play. Cafe racer jackets should feel like a second skin and snug. While you sit close to the body, some stretch is necessary for comfort, so be sure that you can still move your shoulders and arms easily. Take your body measurements in advance to make sure that you purchase online. When you first wear vintage cafe leather jackets, don’t be discouraged, most leather jackets tend to stretch over time.

Not all coffee racer leather jackets are equal. When choosing a style, take into account that some look more classic and some may concentrate more on detail.

Classic-In its simplicity the classic cafe racer is unique. The jackets usually come in black or brown and can have pockets or not. These colors are also much more dressing than eclectic colors, such as blue and red, so you can wear them more.

Detailed-I would like to see a detailed coffee rider if you want to explore with color or perhaps want something a little more unique. Strips with opposing colours, patches or stitches on the shoulders or elbows may be included. The style is linked to racing, so it’s not difficult to find a more detailed or brightly colored one.

What’s the only thing about a coffee racer?

Classic racer jacket made from a small snap necklace and sometimes no necklace. This feature goes back to the coats of racing roots where there is a problem with a wind flopping collar.

vintage cafe leather jackets

Some have two straight pockets along the waist of the jacket or two zippered chest pockets. The pockets are always thin and have a refrigerator to avoid unnecessary wind during riding.

Cafe racer jackets are usually made with a high-quality cream, the last thing a racer needs is to lose his cream during a drive!

The cafe racer is the smoothest of all types of jackets of leather, without any extra snaps or buttons.

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