What is an ocean friendly restaurant?

Ocean Friendly Restaurants commit themselves to sustainable business practices addressing the problem of plastic pollution at the source in our oceans. Restaurants are qualified for ocean friendly restaurant membership by meeting diverse criteria for reducing plastic waste and providing sustainable food options.

Eating products are part of the problem and part of the solution by choosing to become an ocean-friendly restaurant and forgoing disposable plastic. In addition to cleaning up the environment, their activities also help to raise awareness about consumer choices and how they impact the environment around us, and encourage others to make environmentally friendly decisions and become an ocean friendly restaurant.

One of the most striking signs of an environmentally friendly restaurant is its décor and furnishings. A genuinely environmentally friendly restaurant is built from natural and recycled materials and furnished with reused or recycled accessories. Attractive furnishings can easily be made of bamboo or recycled wood and add a unique element to the facility.

environmentally friendly restaurant

Eat long-term

Restaurants that are environmentally friendly should aim to serve food that helps to sustainability measures. Green encourages all to grow their own vegetables or to support local farmers who do the same. Restaurants are regarded as environmentally friendly, in particular when serving organic and vegetarian food. Meats and milk from grass-fed animals with no added hormones should be supplied.

Given that restaurants are America’s largest electricity consumers, it is only appropriate when energy efficiency is one of the eco-friendly objectives. Green restaurants should aim to become carbon-neutral, using only sustainable energy sources. This process needs to start by offsetting the use of energy, generating renewable energy sources on site and using more energy-efficient equipment.

recycling materials

Bio-based recycling materials

Restaurants are encouraged to use organic, living materials or recycled materials in new products. For example, removing devices such as napkins, dishes, utensils and take-off containers and replacing them with reusable ones.

Be careful if biodegradable materials are being used; items like utensils and straws are being used. Some environmentally friendly restaurants are interested in fine details and print their menus with environmentally friendly inks on recycled paper. See if the menu says how organic every dish is. Environmentally friendly restaurants offering delivery services must supply these vehicles by foot, bicycle or low emission.

When choosing restaurants that are environmentally friendly to dine, keep in mind the above criteria so that your meal comes from a fully environmentally friendly facility. An environmentally friendly restaurant’s willingness to receive voluntary eco-friendly certification is evident. Look into the most environmentally friendly establishments in your local restaurants today and savor your meals from “Green” businesses.

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